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Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“You don’t look like an alien!” It seemed important to point that out. He arched his eyebrow. “And what do aliens look like?” “Not…Not like you” I sputtered. “They aren’t gorgeous.” “You think I’m gorgeous?” He smiled. 

I absolutely loved this book! I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the Lux series! Jennifer L. Armentrout has created the perfect combination of characters and has thoroughly developed their personalities within Obsidian. Though most people dislike Daemon Black’s character because they say he’s a jerk, I actually liked his character the most. Throughout Obsidian he does have his jerk moments, like when he constantly reminds Katy that it’s a burden to have to spend time with her, but on a deeper level, the reader gets the sense that Daemon isn’t all that bad after all, he does go out of his way and risk everything to save her from dangerous situations, which is a rather redeeming quality. I can really relate to Katy as she is a book lover, as I am myself! Though it did take her awhile to catch on to the fact that she was living among aliens which was somewhat irritating because the reader could clearly see the signs and understand that Daemon and his sister, Dee weren’t ordinary high school students. The humming noise, the somewhat transparent limbs, and the extremely fast movements kind of gave away that perhaps Daemon and his sister did not possess solely human characteristics. Katy just started to believe that she was seeing things, and this continued for a good portion of the book. I was just waiting for the big reveal and I assumed it would have happened sooner.

The alien powers are super cool in this book! At first I was a little bit hesitant to read it because I thought it would be one of those stereotypical alien invasion stories, but after I began reading it, I actually really enjoyed it. These aliens aren’t what are typically displayed in movies and t.v. shows, they’re more complex, and essentially more entertaining. Daemon is one of the strongest aliens of the Luxen, and he, like the rest of the Luxen, are empowered by light (he can also turn into and travel at the speed of light). I really liked the literal contrast between the Luxen and their enemies the Arum, whose natural form is within the shadows. Just like many stories, it’s light versus dark, good versus evil.

The romance in the novel is one of my favourite romances ever written. It’s humorous as Daemon and Katy do not get along but it’s obvious that they both have feelings for each other. But their relationship is more complicated than that. With Katy being  a human and Daemon being a Luxen alien, there’s endless risks involved in engaging in a romantic relationship. Katy soon finds out that when aliens use their energy or powers around humans, it creates something called a trace. A trace is essentially a light beam outline around the human that can be seen by only other aliens. This is especially dangerous for Katy, as it attracts the Arum. Katy, finds herself in unfavorable circumstances several times throughout the novel which compels Daemon to use his alien superpowers on her and save her life. Consequently, Katy survives but remains with a large trace around her which causes other issues involving the Arum. I think one of the most interesting aspects of the novel, is that the Arum have an intolerance and a weakness for Obsidian a volcanic rock!

Near the end of the the book, Daemon gives Katy a necklace with a sharpened Obsidian rock as the pendant as a means of protection. The rock also indicates whether an Arum is nearby according to its heat.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book! It’s not a stereotypical alien story it’s much more than that and the romance and characters are entertaining. The book made me laugh out loud more than once!


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