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Fictional Book Boyfriends #1 Daemon Black

My last blog post included a small rant about how romance is declining in society, and how guys in particular seem to believe that romance found in novels is often “unrealistic.” So, I decided to outline the positive attributes of various fictional male characters, that I believe are definitely date-worthy. The first character I wish existed in real life is the one and only Daemon Black. He is by far, the most imperfectly perfect being ever created. It’s undeniable that he has his jerk moments, and I’ve discussed some of them in my recent posts regarding the Lux Series, but now I’m on the third book, Opal, and his relationship with Katy has significantly improved and become stronger. I think Daemon is sometimes misunderstood, and that’s why he get’s labeled as being a “jerk”. A specific example of this is when his brother Dawson returns and they disagree. Daemon tells Katy to stay out of it, but Katy refuses. She makes a comment about how if she isn’t a part of every aspect of his life, it somehow diminishes her ability to be with him. I got the impression that Daemon was being portrayed as being a jerk by not allowing Katy to help, but I thought that it was Katy that was actually being a little bit insensitive. Katy was aware that Dawson had been through traumatic experiences and encounters with the DOD, and Daemon is his family, his twin-like brother, she should have just stayed out of their relationship in my opinion. Following that fight between Daemon and Katy, he brought her lattes to class! He even apologized to her and thanked her for getting involved, even though in my opinion, Daemon had the right to have a private relationship with Dawson without her interference.

1. He gives the cutest nicknames ever!! He calls Katy Kat and Kitten which is totally adorable!

2. He is extremely protective over Katy and always has her best interests in mind.

3. He brings Katy lattes and flowers to class for no specific reason except to show his affection toward her (which I think is one of the most important qualities in a guy)

4. He’s completely good looking and extremely handsome.

5. His rough/aggressive persona is only on the exterior because he is a sweetheart and can be very romantic!

6. He thoroughly thinks through how his actions may affect Katy either negatively or positively before he makes a decision.

7. He actually makes references to reading her blog! Every girl wants her crush to give her attention and share in the things that mean the most to her.

8. He’s so funny! He makes so many witty comments and jokes that are just so sarcastic making him even more lovable!

9. He tries to impress Katy’s mom (it’s important that your mom likes your boyfriend!)

10. The fact that he’s an alien who has super powers and can turn into light!!! I would totally date a Luxen! After reading the first two and some of the third novel of the Lux series, I think aliens make waaayy better boyfriends than any human could!


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