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Fictional Book Characters I Wish Existed

Often times I read a book and think “Wow I really wish guys like that existed!” The saying, “Boys in books are better” has become my motto lately because honeslty there’s just no one comparable to the characters that authors create. Especially this past year I’ve been reading an extensive amount of fictional romance novels that include these guys that are completely in their entirety the epitome of my ideal boyfriend. Unfortunately, I haven’t met anyone that has met any of these expectations. Many individuals (that happen to be males) even tell me that it’s not realistic to apply male characters in fictional romance novels to real life experiences. I find it somewhat sad that romance has become “unrealistic”.  However, I am glad that romance at least lives on in books! So, now I will list the totally dateable and romantic fictional male characters that I totally wish existed in real life! I will later expand on why I believe they are date-worthy!

1. Daemon Black (Lux Series)
2. Maxon Schreave (The Selection Series)
3. Luke (The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks)
4. Augustus Waters (The Fault in our Stars)
5. Ky (The Matched Series)

These guys all have incredible romantic characteristics and are my top five  most dateable fictional characters! ♥

Perhaps if romance in novels wasn’t believed to be “unrealistic” guys would have a stronger motivation to do small romantic gestures that just aren’t common anymore.


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