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My Bookish Pet Peeves

1. Book Cover Changes 

In a series or trilogy, it is SO annoying when the publisher changes the book cover of the second or third book! I like consistency on my bookshelf. I hate when the book cover designs are completely changed to the point when at first glance, you can’t easily recognize that the books are even in the same series!

2. Paper Back Books

I tend to purchase paper backs the most often because they are usually a little bit less expensive, but I get so disappointed when the spine breaks or the cover begins to crease or isn’t flat anymore! I love to bring my books with me everywhere, but sometimes I refrain from bringing my books certain places out of fear that they will be damaged! I love my books to be in perfect condition! I don’t know how it happens, but every time I put a paper back in my schoolbag, something happens to it! Either the corners of the cover crease or the front cover is bent!!

3. When I’m Reading and I get Interrupted 

There is nothing more annoying than being really into a good book and then someone walks over and starts having a conversation with you, while they can clearly see that you are busy reading! Then I lose my spot on the page and I try not to be rude so I acknowledge them but then it takes a little while to get back into the book… I really hate that.

4. Completely Obvious Love Interests 

I really get frustrated when two characters like each other and the whole book is about their denial of their interest or the denial that the other person likes them back. There are so many novels like this (at least that I’ve read) and it becomes really boring!

5. Having to Pause my Reading to Read a Book for School 

Usually I like to read one book at a time, when I start to read three or four books at once, I don’t feel as if I put enough thought into them because I don’t have the time to reflect or really analyze the plot or characters thoroughly. What I really dislike is when I’m reading a really good book for fun, and then I have to read a book for school because then I have to stop reading the really good book, to read a book that is super boring and uninteresting (because all books mandatory to read for school are) … for example I’ve been trying to finish the Lux series for almost two months now but I keep having to read other books about the Canadian East Coast which really wouldn’t be my first preference in reading material.

6. When Authors use way too much Slang in their Writing 

I find it so distracting when authors use extensive amounts of slang! I also really don’t like when authors make up words for their books! I had this issue with Maze Runner, I enjoyed the general premise of the story line but I couldn’t continue with the rest of the series because the made up words and the writing style was so distracting I didn’t like it at all! I understand that the authors are trying to appeal to younger adults and teenagers who commonly use slang, but I’m a supporter of preserving the beauty of the English language (which is probably why I tend to enjoy classics).

7. Library Books

I hate library books. I used to use the library when I was younger, but once I began high school I became more particular about my books. I hate when you open a library book and there’s someone’s left over spaghetti sauce or some other unidentifiable food stuck between the pages…that is so disgusting to me. Library books are never taken care of the way they should. I also wanted to own my own books so I don’t need to deal with due dates and fines and also it’s so much more convenient owning your own copy, you can reference it whenever you need to!

8. When my Bookshelf is Unorganized

If I just recently bought a large amount of books and am running out of time, I often will quickly place them on the shelf, but I hate when the books in the same series are not in order, or some books are turned on their sides! I love rearranging my bookshelf and making sure my bookshelf always looks neat!

9. When the First Book in the Series is the Best

I am a huge fan of series because they’re so much better than stand-alone books. There’s usually more character development and more depth to the plot. However, I hate when I purchase a whole series at a time and am so excited to read it and after I finish the first book it’s amazing, but I get a false hope for the rest of the books. This happened in the Matched Series and somewhat with the Lunar Chronicles. I loved Matched it was really good, I enjoyed the idea of the dystopian society and their customs but as the books went on I started to dislike each one more and more. I desperately tried to finish Reached but I still haven’t and I don’t know if I ever will! Sometimes I feel that series shouldn’t be series, and should only be stand-alone books, because the plot becomes way too far-fetched and characters from the first book are replaced with new ones!

10. When I’m reading in Public and People Try and See What I’m Reading

I really hate when I’m at school or somewhere else where I’m in close proximity with others while I’m reading, and someone will literally adjust themselves so they can read the page that I’m reading… I really don’t understand this, I find it quite unusual, because if they want to read the book, I would assume they would ask the title so they can read it for themselves…starting at the beginning.


3 thoughts on “My Bookish Pet Peeves”

  1. I LOVE paperback books but wince when the cover is bent or “curved.” I do have a suggestion: Get some clear contact paper and reinforce the cover and perhaps the spine of the book as well. It helps to strengthen them but be warned to go slow and try on a well used book first so you get the hang of it.

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