Book Talk

Love/Hate Tag

Thank you #LoveBooks for nominating me for the Love/Hate tag. This tag will include a list of five things I love and five things I hate!


1. Getting good grades!
One of the best feelings is when I’ve worked so hard on an assignment or studied hard for a test and it pays off! I love doing well in school and achieving my academic goals!

2. Romance
I love romance whether it’s in books or in my personal life. I love when someone is willing to show how much they care. Love is just so sweet!

3. Books
I love books! They’re such an amazing method of escapism and they inspire creativity, imagination, and can have very deep themes and meanings!

4. Glitter!
I’ve loved glitter since I was very young it just encourages my positivity & puts me in a good mood! I always wear something sparkly everyday. Anything that sparkles, I love! 🙂

5. Animals
I love almost every species of animals (except reptiles because they scare me) & I contemplate getting a different pet almost everyday! Currently I have two dogs and two rabbits that I love soo much!!


1. Mornings
I am definitely a night owl and I despise the mornings. I’m always in such a bad mood when I have to wake up early and go to school.

2. Not having enough time to read
I hate having such a busy schedule and endless amounts of homework because I can’t do what I really love which is read! Reading is one of my favourite aspects of the day!

3. When I’m really excited to read a book and it’s a disappointment
This happens to me all of the time and I really hate it! I’ll be so excited to read a new book and then once I start it, I hate it. It’s such a disappointment.

4. When books are first released only in hardcover
Though I love hardcover books because they’re much more durable, they are also more expensive. I’ve noticed that many new releases are only sold in hardcover at first so if I want to read it and not wait a year until the paper back version is in stores, I have to pay way more!

5. I hate how people compare almost every book to Twilight
I’ve noticed that so many contemporary romance novels or books that include vampires, aliens, or anything other than humans, is compared to the Twilight series…not every contemporary romance involving characters that aren’t human is just like Twilight!!


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