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Stolen by Lucy Christopher – Review & Discussion

“You know, maybe if we’d met as ordinary people, one day, maybe…maybe things might have been different. Maybe I could have loved you.”


Stolen by Lucy Christopher proves to be an emotional read when the main character Gemma, is stolen by Ty at an airport coffee shop. From there, he brings her to an isolated location in Australia’s deserts. I can’t say too much more about the plot otherwise I may reveal certain spoilers. This book is unlike anything I have read before. It’s unique and original in every way. Personally, I enjoyed the writing style, as it is written as a letter to her captor, retelling the story and her feelings from her perspective, however my friend that read this book, said that they did not prefer the writing style. To me, the writing style really enhanced the novel, and I think it’s the best way to tell this story – through a letter.

This novel was quite sad and it had some elements of creepiness in terms of the character Ty, I really disliked this character. Even after I got to know him better as the reader, I still could not identify with him or sympathize for the events that he had faced previously. In my mind, nothing really can justify stealing someone and secluding them in a hot and subhuman climate condition such as the one that Gemma found herself in.

If you haven’t read this book, I would suggest it if you are up for an emotional read, this book is definitely not a “feel good” story, it’s sad and somewhat depressing. It deals with the issues of seclusion and Stockholm syndrome, as well as kidnapping.

I give this book 4/5 because of it’s originality and ability to be quite moving to its readers emotions! Check it out if you haven’t already!

SPOILERS – If you haven’t read the book, or don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read ahead (come back when you have read it! 🙂 ) 

Personally, I think that Gemma was suffering from Stockholme Syndrome. I know that’s the big debate in this novel, whether or not this character had this syndrome, or if the feelings she had developed for Ty were sincere. Though he obviously showed that his feelings for her were genuine, by taking her to a hospital after the snakebite and turning himself in to the police, in my personal opinion, I don’t necessarily think that her feelings for him were as sincere. Gemma was secluded with no one else around her in a desert in Australia, Ty was the only one she could socialize with. It seemed as if her tolerance and eventually more than that towards him was forced by her tragic circumstances

At the end of the novel especially, I just felt so bad and sorry for her, for what she went through, how she became adjusted to that lifestyle and was just beginning to accept it, to be thrust back into the loudness and chaotic city life. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that if the book ended any other way that it would be better for her, but there’s quite a significant challenge that will probably have life long effects.

I think it would have been interesting as an extra addition to the end of the novel, to perhaps have another short letter written to Ty from Gemma, after Gemma had been reacquainted and stabilized within her family and society, perhaps a few years later. I kind of just wanted to have the reassurance that Gemma would be okay after her traumatic experience.

It was interesting to me, the contrasts that were present in this novel especially in perspectives. Gemma believed she was stolen and Ty believed he was saving her. I don’t understand what would encourage someone to go to such extremes in the name of “saving”, for someone who was generally happy with their life.

This novel was also eye opening as he had been watching her for quite some time, in fact numerous years, before he kidnapped her, seemingly he went unnoticed for the most part. That really added to the eeriness of the book.

I really enjoyed the book, I read it in two days and it would have been read before that although I had other things that came up. It was definitely a page turner, I didn’t find any aspects of it boring or uneventful. The characters were as equally intriguing as the plot.

Some Notable Quotes from the Novel: 

“And it’s hard to hate someone once you understand them.”

“I wish I had amnesia so I could forget what you look like.”

“The people we care for aren’t always the one we should”

“I want you to see that the person I glimpsed running beside the camel, running to save my life, is the person you can choose to be.”


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