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Go Set A Watchman Review by Harper Lee


As many of you know, Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee, is the sequel to the famous contemporary classic, To Kill A Mockingbird. I read To Kill A Mockingbird at the beginning of this summer, and overall I enjoyed it. However, I felt like this book was slower paced, and sometimes there would be times when it was a little uninteresting. There’s much controversy surrounding the notion that Atticus, has become somewhat of a racist in this novel. The change in Atticus’ character was present in the book, and I have mixed feelings on it. Perhaps Atticus wasn’t the one who changed, but maybe Scout (Jean-Louise), is just now seeing her father in a new light, as not being the perfect and idealistic man that she knew and looked up to as a child. However, I have to say that I did enjoy Atticus’ character a lot more in To Kill A Mockingbird because he seemed to be one of the only individuals of that time period that was willing to stand up for what was right and try and make a difference in a society that supported and promoted legal separation of African Americans.

This sequel takes place when Scout is an adult and what I liked about it, is that it gave these flashbacks to the time in which she was a child and when To Kill a Mockingbird took place. 🙂

It was interesting to see the dynamic between Jean-Louise and Atticus change dramatically from To Kill a Mockingbird to Go Set A Watchman. This wasn’t a necessary sequel in my opinion, it didn’t really change my perspective on To Kill a Mockingbird, and I would have liked to see Dill and some of the other famous characters be more involved in this plot, but I would still recommend reading it if you liked To Kill A Mockingbird, just as a comparison to see how much these characters have evolved and grown and changed. At times in the novel, it seemed that the characters from To Kill A Mockingbird only shared the similarity of their names in the sequel, as their actions and what we knew as the reader of the characters, have significantly changed.

I would give this novel 3/5 stars and would suggest it to someone who enjoyed To Kill A Mockingbird and is interested in following up with the characters.


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