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Just One Day by Gayle Forman – Review


Hello my fellow bloggers, I have managed to read Just One Day, in surprisingly and very fittingly, just one day.

This book captivated me from the very first page. Allyson is an American 18 year old who often rejects the ideas of risks, however, just one day completely changed her, starting when Willem (a stranger), says he will take her to Paris to make up for her not being able to go as a part of her European tour her parents gave her as a gift. Allyson falls in love with Willem, but he calls her “Lulu” and doesn’t know her real name. However, after spending the day in Paris together, Willem leaves during the night leaving Allyson to wake up alone and believing that he didn’t care for her at all, and that the feelings were merely one sided.

The rest of the book goes on to outline Allyson’s college life, and her unhappiness following this event, and to her eventual search for Willem despite not having any information about him, and knowing only very few facts to identify him.

I thought this book was completely amazing. As everyone knows, I’m absolutely in love with the idea of going to Paris one day, and perhaps this played a role in the shaping of my opinion of this book. Paris was described to be a very cultural and beautiful place to be, and to fall in love. However, I did enjoy the uncertainty that came with the novel as well, as Willem is quite the mystery man as he disappears and no one knows very much about him.

In my reviews, I usually talk about the character development, and I think that Allyson’s is notable. She went from being the girl who was somewhat afraid to say ‘yes’ to being able to travel the world alone. Allyson also shows great determination as she ventures to find this person she only spent one day in Paris with, with hardly any leads except her heart.

I give this novel 5/5 stars, and I will be purchasing the sequel Just One Year very soon, as this novel left off on a bit of a cliffhanger. 🙂 I also really enjoyed the countless references to various Shakespeare plays, it offered a very original and intriguing aspect of the novel.

Some of my Favourite Qutotes from the Novel

“Part of me knows one more day won’t do anything except postpone the heartbreak. But another part of me believes differently. We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.”

“You have to fall in love to be in love, but falling in love isn’t the same as being in love”

“He showed me how to get lost, and then I showed myself how to get found.”

“What is the real question is not whether to be, but how to be?”


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