Monthly Wrap Ups

August Wrap Up


This month has seemed a little bit like a slower reading month just because I’ve been really busy with back-to-school shopping and getting everything ready for my classes. However, I did manage to read every book on my August TBR which made me really happy because I’m afraid that when school starts I’ll be reading a lot less due to homework and tests and everything that comes with school. In fact, I was sent a book in the mail about a week ago with an accompanying letter from my school that asked me to read it before the beginning of school in preparation for a first week essay on it. That gave me a pretty good idea what my schedule and workload would be like, as school hasn’t even started yet and I’ve already received my first assignment. 😛 I’m not going to complain too much about school though because in all honesty, I have missed it. Summer was beginning to be a little boring and I’m ready to get back into that school routine now.

Anyways, enough ramblings about school. This month I’ve read seven books including:

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Alienated by Melissa Landers 

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Just One Day by Gayle Forman 

As you’ve probably noticed, the majority of these books have sequels however, I haven’t purchased any of the sequels yet for any of them which really sucks because they were all so good and I want to read the sequels to all of them! 🙂

You can also check out my reviews of all of these books because I think I’ve reviewed them all except for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Summer Wrap Up

It’s sadly the conclusion of summer and introduction to fall. However, this summer I’ve made some really good reading progress as I intended to in June. I can proudly say that over the duration of the summer months, I have read 15 books which was my goal. I know some people read a lot more than that, but I was happy with this amount because nothing felt rushed and I could thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them. This summer has overall been really good in terms of reading. I can’t necessarily say that I hated any of the books that I read, in fact the vast majority of them I really loved!

Hopefully in the fall I can make time to read because I have many unread books left on my shelf including a haul of classics that I purchased earlier on in the month. 🙂


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