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See Me by Nicholas Sparks – Book Review

See Me

Finally! I have finished this wonderful book! I don’t really know where to start in reviewing it because it was so different but yet still as good as the rest of Nicholas Sparks’ novels. This book definitely has a different angle than what we’re used to reading by Nicholas, as it offers more of a suspenseful and mysterious element as opposed to the traditional romance. Don’t get me wrong, there is still great romance in this book, but those who don’t prefer an overly-sappy typical Nicholas Sparks love story would still thoroughly enjoy this! The quick plot overview is that Maria (a lawyer), ends up finding Colin who has a troubled past and is known to get into various fights and therefore trouble with the law. They begin a relationship however her past begins to present itself in new ways in her life, and ultimately creates chaos.

Colin in this novel has changed who he was (the bar-fighting law breaker). Though he still has his rough side and is very quick to anger, the reader gets the impression that Colin really is trying his very best to not get into anymore trouble. I really liked Colin’s character, because he’s not exactly the stereotypical ‘bad boy’ that we tend to see in contemporary novels. I actually didn’t find any of the characters to be overly stereotypical, they all remained fairly original, which is a definite pro to contemporary literature.

This novel really does take the reader on an emotional journey as well as an intellectual one. I felt myself identifying with Colin, as he attempted to figure out the clues and ultimately the mystery behind the creepy occurrences. Some people have found that the plot was somewhat predictable however I didn’t feel that way at all. I had formulated my own conclusions prematurely and was actually surprised to figure out the entire mystery and who was behind it.

Overall, this novel was very well written, it definitely drew in the audience until the very last page, and it never really had ‘dull’ or boring moments that made me consider putting the book down and abandoning it. Sparks has seemingly outdone himself with this new take on love and his incorporation of the elements of suspense and mystery. There was a very good balance between mystery and romance ultimately making it a perfect casual read! I know that some of his other novels have also been suspenseful, but I felt like this one was really original.

Even if you haven’t previously been a Sparks fan, (although I’ve always have), I urge you to try out this new book as it’s really quite different from his previous work. It’s not overly sappy and the love isn’t all that unrealistic. The plot is action-packed and suspenseful! I really hope this will also become a movie sometime in the near future!

My Favourite Quotes from the Novel: 

“In the end, the only one you can ever really please is yourself. How others feel is up to them.”

“I think you can do whatever you want. In the end, we all live the life we choose for ourselves.”

“… with every passing year she found herself wondering more and more where all the good guys had gone. Or even if there really was such a thing anymore. Where were the guys who didn’t expect you to sleep with them after only a date or two? Or guys who believed that picking up the check on a first date was a classy thing to do? Or even a guy with a somewhat decent job and plans for the future?”


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  1. I have looked for the page numbers and I did find the first one which is on page 115, but I couldn’t seem to locate the other ones just from skimming! So sorry about that! Possibly try searching Google Books or Goodreads.


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