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When I Find Her by Kate Bridges – Book Review


Hello! Today I’ll be reviewing When I Find Her by Kate Bridges. This novel is set in Toronto Ontario, and follows the story of Luke Eric and his ability to time travel to redo three of his mistakes, one of his mistakes being not kissing Jennifer Marks. Luke is given two red dice that grant him the ability to travel back in time all he has to do is recall a distinct smell and recite the last words he said.

Overall, I thought this book was really fast-paced, I read it in only three days which is what I was looking for in a book especially having read it during the school year. What I found to be unique about When I Find her, is the fact that it’s a love story told from Luke’s perspective. Often in contemporary YA romance, the story is told from the girl’s point of view, so that aspect really set this novel apart.

Though this book incorporated time travel, I found that it was easy to follow and differentiate between the past and the present timelines. I know that some time travel novels can become quite complex and difficult to follow, but that is definitely not the case with When I Find Her.

The romance in this book was so cute, I absolutely loved how Luke pursued Jennifer Marks even when she moved away. There were also some really cute scenes between the two characters!

I really loved the characters both Luke and Jennifer, and even some of the side characters as well, they all seemed very real, as they all had flaws and faced numerous realistic challenges, making them relatable. However, I would have been interested to see how Luke and Jennifer’s relationship developed further even after the book ended.

I give this novel 4/5 stars and recommend it to anyone who loves romance and time travel! Definitely go check out this book! 🙂


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