Book Haul

July Book Haul – Part 3

As you’ve probably already concluded… I do a lot of book shopping. But fortunately today my book haul is pretty short, because I’m on a strict book-buying budget (which I most likely won’t stick to – but that’s why I go with friends, they encourage me to be realistic when purchasing books, otherwise I might buy the entire store).

I was so surprised to see It Ends With Us in my local book store! The Goodreads release date projected this book to be published in early August! So when I saw it, I just HAD to buy it! I’m so excited to read this, Colleen Hoover is a fantastic writer, and Maybe Someday has so far been one of my favourite books of 2016. I have really high expectations for this one, and also the cover is gorgeous! This may be my favourite book cover of the 2016 new releases so far! I have bumped this book up on my TBR list, so as soon as I’m finished reading Love, Lies, and Spies, I’m going to be reading this! 🙂

I know lately I’ve been trying to kind of avoid the romance novels, but I have to make an exception for this one! 😀

It Ends With Us

I don’t know too much about A Court of Thorns and Roses, I know a few people who have read it and really enjoyed it, but personally I haven’t. I was approached in the book store by one of the staff, and was informed that this book is a serious must-read! It was described as being political and having some fantasy elements as well, so she convinced me to buy it. Surprisingly, I haven’t read anything by Sarah J. Maas, and I know most people have and absolutely love her, so I’ll just have to see for myself! 🙂

A Court of Thorns & Roses.jpg


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