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The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee – Book Review

Hey everyone! I know it seems like it’s actually been forever since I’ve reviewed a book, but midterm season was upon me, and I was cramming for exams and rushing to meet deadlines for countless research essays, which naturally made me have less time to read. 😦 But I decided tonight was going to be the night that I finally finish and review this novel, and so I drank a coffee and read until I finished the very last page.

This book was amazing. It’s a relatively new release, where I live, it was made available in book stores in September, and I remember going to the book store super excited to purchase and read it! Here I am, nearly a month later, finally done, and I have mixed feelings. I loved it so much that I’m sad it’s over, but I’m also glad that I’ve finally accomplished actually finishing a whole book, with my time constraints lately making it almost impossible!


If you haven’t heard about what this book is about, it’s being described as a “futuristic Gossip Girl”, which I would say is an accurate description of the plot. It’s told from multiple perspectives, Leda Cole, Eris Dodd- Radson, Rylin Myers, and Watt Bakradi. Each of these unique and creative characters have their own life, that somehow the author makes interestingly combine together. The separate lives of each of these characters are interwoven, especially by the second half of the novel. The basic premise of this novel is that in the year 2118, in Manhattan, stands a Thousand-floor building, where the rich reside in the higher floors, and the poor live in the lower floors. This singular building has everything that the residents need within it, so no one ever really needs to leave the tower. The plot delivers romance, lies, deceit, betrayal, and drama!

I loved the world-building in this book, the author does a really great job of immersing the reader into this high-luxury lifestyle, with the description of the elaborate parties, the designer clothes, and the advanced technology. One of my favourite aspects of this novel, was the portrayal of how technology will be so engrained within society, that it is actually apart of the human body.

However, one of the questions that kept inevitably coming into my mind throughout the book was: How could a thousand floor building actually be constructed and function realistically? The author doesn’t really address the construction of this tower, the materials it’s made out of, or how exactly these engineers and builders designed this tower to stand and be functional, so it’s just a concept that you’ll have to accept as being plausible in the future.

Another interesting component of this book, was the premise that everyone has secrets, that even best friends don’t know about. It created a really engaging layer to the plot, seeing how each character attempted to keep their own individual secrets from their friends. (SPOILER): Perhaps the biggest and most shocking secret that remained throughout the book was the romance between Atlas and Avery! Though I find it a very original concept, given the fact that they are adoptive siblings, and therefore have an assumed forbidden love in accordance with societal norms, I do think it was kind of cool how the author did find ways to defy the common social values through the characters.

The book ended leaving the reader with a lot of unanswered questions as the drama all unfolded near the end, but nothing really got resolved. I heard that this novel is the first in a trilogy, so I am more than excited to read the rest of the books and find out how the characters mend their friendships, deal with loss, and deal with a lot of the problems that they had.

Overall, I give this book 4.5/5 stars, as it’s a pretty fast paced read once you get into it, it doesn’t lack creativity, the characters are all very interesting to read about, and also because I generally love reading about the drama and the life of the “elite”. One of my all time favourite TV shows is Gossip Girl and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched each and every episode of every season at least 3 times, so it’s not that surprising that I absolutely love this novel too! So if you like Gossip Girl, and similar shows, I definitely think you should read this!

Some of my Favourite Quotes from the Novel: 

“Sometimes love and chaos are the same thing.”

“Leda caught flashes of color where the elevators shot past, the veins of the city pumping its lifeblood up and down. It was the same as ever, she thought, utterly modern and and yet somehow timeless. Leda had seen countless pics of the old New York skyline, the one people always romanticized. But compared to the tower she thought it looked jagged and ugly.”

  • As a sidenote: I really do think this book is beautiful! I’m a huge fan of the cover, and even the script used for the title as well as the gold which is very conducive with being futuristic! 😀

The Thousandth Floor 1.jpg


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