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The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne – Book Review

The Wrong Side of Right 1

I can’t believe that I finished this book in less than one day! There was just something about it that kept me reading and not wanting to put it down. If you don’t know that The Wrong Side of Right is about, it follows the story of Kate, who’s mother has just recently passed due to a car accident. She finds out that her father is a senator that is currently running for US President. She is quickly united with him and thrown into the midst of the US presidential campaign in which she is completely unprepared. She meets the current president’s son (who just so happens to be her father’s opposition in the race to the Whitehouse), and promptly develops feelings for him. Due to the political nature of their relationship they have to hide it from the press and from each other’s families in order to not disrupt the political campaign. However, Kate is faced with numerous challenges being inexperienced in the realm of politics, and on top of dealing with publicity, must also deal with the loss of her mother and the unraveling secrets of her family’s past, while trying to get to know her father not only as a senator, but as a real human being. This proves to be quite challenging, and she is faced with numerous barriers and setbacks throughout the novel that she must overcome if she wants to develop her relationship with her father outside of the political campaign.

I have to say that I just loved this book so much. I might even re-read it at some point. I just could not stop reading. The storyline was so interesting, and I felt so bad for Kate because in all reality her life kind of did suck. But I’m glad that she eventually found security and happiness with her new family (being the senator and his wife and children). It was super interesting that Kate’s mother was a polisci major, and worked on political campaigns in her college years. It was also really interesting how she worked for a non-profit organization later on. Anyone who knows me knows that I love politics, so for me, a book that combines politics, a forbidden romance, and relationship building (aka Kate with her new found father), was the perfect book for me! It’s been raining incessantly for the last few days, so I’ve been staying inside for the most part with tea, and just reading. 🙂

I also really liked the main character Kate. I feel like in YA a lot of the characters are really strong and opinionated and assert their opinions whenever they have the urge to. However, that’s not always reality. I felt like Kate sometimes didn’t always say what was on her mind, things that she didn’t always agree with, mostly because she didn’t feel comfortable to do sonin an unfamiliar political atmosphere, with a dad she didn’t even know. I feel like that added a layer of realism to the character, as not always will we be brave enough to always say what we are thinking even if we disagree with some underlying value or in this case, policy. On the other hand, Kate did sometimes give her opinion when it mattered which I think made for a good balance.

The romance in this book was so cute! I loved Andy so much and I really do think that him and Kate belong together. They have so much in common, both being thrown into the world of politics involuntarily, and because of this they really helped each other. It’s really cool how even though their father’s were opposing in almost every regard, they could put the politics behind them and just be themselves with each other!

I give this novel 5/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who loves a forbidden romance, or US politics! I loved the way that Kate was able to finally distinguish her father from the senator that presented himself to the world. This book really illustrates how a career in politics can become so consuming, it can be difficult to separate work from your personal life and even your relationship with your family.

Some of my Favourite Quotes from the Novel:

“It’s amazing how much one person can change the world, even if they don’t know they’re doing it.”

“But it occurred to me suddenly that trust wasn’t an object, not something that arrived on your doorstep, solid and absolute. It was a decision, a leap.”

As a sidenote – isn’t this book so pretty? I just love the cover design. I can’t believe I found this gem of a book for only $6 on sale at my local bookstore, I’m so glad that I did.


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