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The Dazzling Heights by Katharine McGee – Book Review

Hi everyone! Harper Collins Publishers very kindly sent me an ARC of the Dazzling Heights by Katharine McGee. If you don’t know, this is the second book to The Thousandth Floor where you can find the Goodreads synopsis here to learn more about the world and the general plot overview: The Thousandth Floor on Goodreads

Here is my review of the first book: The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee – Book Review

The anticipated release date of The Dazzling Heights is August 29th 2017! 🙂

the dazzling heights.jpg

Overall, I really loved this book, I think I might have enjoyed The Dazzling Heights more than The Thousandth Floor because we really get to see way more in-depth into who each of the characters really are. I loved getting to see inside the characters’ minds, their insecurities, their emotional challenges, and of course, how they deal with the new drama that is constantly being thrown at them. What I really liked about this book is that there is a new character introduced that wasn’t present in the first book, and I think this character really does add another layer or dimension to the storyline. This was a very fast-paced read for me, I found myself constantly grabbing for my Kindle to read more about the lives of these high-liers and what new drama they faced. I think that this book still has the “Gossip Girl” vibe that everyone loved from the first book, but offers its own unique originality and individuality that is at the same time, unlike Gossip Girl. I loved the continuation of the world-building in this novel as we are introduced to a new Tower that is built, and also the day-to-day normalities of the characters’ reliance on technology.  I also loved how some new and unforeseen romances emerge in this novel, and I like how those develop over time. My favourite romance though of course is Avery and Atlas’!

The characters that Katharine McGee has thought up for this book and also The Thousandth Floor, are all so relatable even though they are high-liers, they have such real and relatable problems in their lives. Under the surface these characters are extremely flawed, they jump to conclusions, sometimes they act irrationally, and even suffer from issues such as addiction – which make them fun and interesting to read about.

I really loved this book, I give it 5/5 stars and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to be granted access to the Advance Reader Copy! If you have read The Thousandth Floor and are questioning if you should continue on with the next book, I would definitely say that you should! It’s in my opinion even more dramatic and action packed than the first book! I really hope that Katharine McGee continues on with this series in the future because I absolutely love the originality of her work and her well thought out and relatable characters and I really want to see what happens next!

I’m so excited for you guys to read this book too and share your thoughts!


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